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La Casa Clu Donations

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Directly improve kids' lives

La Casa Clu is a civil association, recreation and learning center where children can be and feel free to express their feelings. We change their present to improve their future.

  • Your donation goes 100% to the well-being of kids

  • Located in San Ignacio, Nayarit, Mexico

  • Play · Create · Teach · Learn · Share · Laugh · Grow

  • Expand our community farming program

  • Professional Team

  • Yes, I want to help out!
    We change their present to improve their future.

    The story by the kids

    Watch the 3-minute video to learn about La Casa Clu from the kids themselves.

    Jessica Zepeda Cruz

    "In 2010 I visited San Ignacio for the first time. I met a great community of kids and together slowly and unknowingly began creating the concept for Casa Clu.

    Driven from the children’s and the community’s needs, in 2013 the recreational proyect Casa Clu became a civil association.

    Playing is the best form of therapy, when we play we are who we really are, we get excited, we enjoy the process, we stop worrying about our routines, we give ourselves, we work as a team and we are happy… those who play well never get old.

    Today the project still continues to grow. We recently expanded to include a nearby community farm where kids and adults can get free healthy food and learn how to grow and cook their own."

    Jessica Zepeda Cruz , Founder

    Jessica, I support you!


    Cut the chain of violence, reach out to as many kids as possible and become a model of healthy development for other communities.


    Use games, art, sports, creativity and recreation for learning and growing strong and trigger change in the lives of children and adults in rural communities.



    Honesty, respect, tolerance, humility, gratitude, responsibility, sorority and perseverance.



    Continue to grow the kids programming. Rapidly expand the community  farming infrastructure to feed more families.

    Healthy Development

    Your donation goes 100% to the project and the community

    • Building eco-friendly Bamboo cabins so we can add more educational facilities, store more materials and host more volunteers. Bring it to the next level.

    • Further developing the community farm so we can provide fresh and healthy food, cooking classes and education for the kids. Our veggie garden has proven invaluable in times of pandemic and lockdown to help out the local community.

    • Organizing more workshops for the kids and the community. Buying material, hiring professionals, getting electricity and other utilities... it all comes at a cost.

    Help us reach our goal of $2500 to build a Bamboo House for storing material and hosting more volunteers.

    The bamboo house itself will be build by volunteers and the local community. It is a free training on how to build bamboo houses and will help the locals in making more sustainable and eco-friendly choices for further housing development in the local community.

    20% Completed


    One-Time Supporter

    With your one time donation you support our organisation and make sure we can pay the bills.

    With your donation we will:

  • Buy educational material

  • Organize a workshop

  • Maintain the project

  • Support La Casa Clu


    Continuous Supporter

    With your monthly support we can grow La Casa Clu to the next level and have an even bigger impact on the lives of many kids.

    With your donation we will:

  • Hire a new teacher

  • Improve the farm

  • Welcome more kids

  • Provide healthy food

    for the community

  • Grow La Casa Clu


    Super Duper Generous Supporter

    With your generous monthly support you truly change the world for the kids in the community!

    With your donation we will:

    • Build new facilities

    • Grow more food on the farm

    • Buy computers for education 

    • Give you VIP access

    Change the World


    Get us a solar panel 

    With your big support we can finally start producing electricity for our facilities and workshops.

    You may:

  • Have your name written on the supporters wall on the playground

  • Share your views and ideas with us

  • Get VIP access

  • Give us Electricity

    Private VIP Access

    Follow-Up on our projects as a VIP supporter

  • Super Duper Generous Supporters

  • Solar Panel Supporters

  • Facility Supporters

  • As we want to give back to our supporters and have them involved in our projects we give access to a private VIP area where you can follow up on the investment you make.


    Build a facility

    This is just what we need to build a new facility and have it wear your name!

    You may:

    • Have your name written on the supporters wall on the playground

    • Name the facility

    • Share your views and ideas with us

    • Visit us on site and get a private tour + VIP Access

    Build a Facility

    Meet our staff

    The core team that makes it all happen!

    Jessica Zepeda Cruz

    Jessica Zepeda Cruz , Founder

    "I got a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communication Sciences from the Universidad de las Américas in Puebla.

    I am a certified Psychoanalyst and Child Psychologist. As as student, I acquired ample experience teaching art and games workshops for kids."

    Denise Diaque

    Denise Diaque, Yoga Instructor

    "I had my first yoga experience at age 16. Now I have my personal practice, 200 hours of restorative yoga at Solstice Yoga Center, 500 hours of advance studies at Yandara Yoga School plus experience as a physical therapist and extreme sports.

    I invite parents, kids and teachers to practice in La Casa Clu and get in contact with our own bodies and sharpen our minds."

    Paola Echartea

    Paola Echartea, Psychologist & Counselor

    "I got my degree from the ITESO (Jesuit University of Guadalajara) and have ample experience as an English teacher and as a coordinator.

    I am currently the Coordinator of workshops and activities for kids at Casa Clu.

    It is with enthusiasm, joy and creativity that I reach out to boys and girls to make sure their days at Casa Clu are full of imagination, fun and learning."

    Marjolaine Guiyot

    Marjolaine Guiyot, Bachelor of Laws

    "I have a degree in law and in international project management between Northern and Southern countries. A subject that I have addressed in my professional life with a focus on working with isolated communities, children's rights and the role of NGO's.

    After a 3 month internship in Cambodia, I have obtained a diploma in specialized education along with a bachelor's degree in sociology. I have experience in working with children, adolescents, migrant minors, foreign women, illegal immigrants and victims of violence, both independently and within institutions. I work in groups with street youth to achieve reintegration into society.

    I am currently part of the Casa Clu Staff, providing an environmentalist perspective, respect and care for oneself and what surrounds us."

    Gaspar Acevedo Lozano

    Gaspar Acevedo Lozano, Teacher

    "I began my capoeira training with ABADÁ in 2010. Since then I have participated in national and international events and tournaments.

    I lived in Brasil from 2014 to 2016 where I continued my education until I graduated. I then came back to Mexico and became a teacher for kids, teenagers and adults.

    I teache capoeira in Casa Clu since 2013."

    Walter Fehrmann Martinez

    Walter Fehrmann Martínez, Guide

    "I am a Professor in Education of Minors at Social Risk (today Sociopedagogy). I graduated from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina.

    I have experience as an art workshop facilitator and therapeutic assistant in the Home for Street Children and in correctional facilities for minors in Argentina and Costa Rica.

    In Mexico I was a co-founder of the Escuela del Mundo preschool and primary school. I am also a storyteller and music and theater workshop facilitator in different educational spaces in Sayulita, San Pancho and currently in Casa Clu de San Ignacio, Nayarit."

    Where to find us

    SAN IGNACIO, Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit(km 125 Vallarta - Compostela)

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